Turbo Tennis Terms & Conditions

Turbo Tennis Membership
Turbo Tennis Membership is for the state school term. That means your spot is guaranteed for that period from when you purchase your session. Your place is only confirmed once full payment is received. Recurring payment makes it easier for members to continue the program from term to term, avoiding the possibility of losing their spot the following term. There are no makeup lessons. Your membership is non-transferable. The fee corresponds to this term only (Membership prices may vary each school term depending on the number of weeks in that school term.) As your membership is ongoing, you are enrolled until you cancel your membership by text or email- which must be done before the advertised date of enrolment. Lessons may only be discontinued at the end of the term, there are no refunds.
Wash Out Policy
We are “on “unless we text you informing you that we are washed out. Any session that is washed out will be credited to you at the completion of that term in Turbo Tennis credit. If you have lost any sessions due to washouts, any Flow of Energy (EXTRA) session you & your family members play in will be counted as one of your normal sessions and go against your credit.
Turbo Tennis Credit
Credit due to washouts. Your credits are valid for 12 months anybody in your immediate family may use them: you can use your credit towards:
Holiday Turbo: so you wont miss a beat & you are ripping in the upcoming term.
Dream Team: You select 4 of your friends to play the ultimate Turbo Tennis matches for 60mins ....GAME ON!                                                                 Restring: so your bat has the Turbo Tennis secret weapon power and control!
BTAinspire session: Want more from yourself?  We show you who you really are by brining the best out of you! Exactly the same way we show you in Turbo Tennis!!   www.BTAinspire.com
Gift to give to a family member or friend!! : The perfect present.
When you are ready BOOK your choice & we will organise it all for you.

For any additional information please feel free to contact Ben on ben@turbotennis.com.au or 0417 347 008